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"One thing is extremely important: It is not enough to look to see." Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

BLACK WORLD is one of the world's most exciting, world-changing attractions. In absolute darkness, in specially designed rooms, guided by our blind guides you will have the chance to experience an amazing moments. Everyday activities and objects will take on new meaning when the visible becomes invisible.

Get out of your comfort zone, awaken your senses.

In our journey through the dark you will experience unusual feelings, sounds, textures and smells. This experience will teach you:

  • How to orientate and navigate in the dark by relying on other senses
  • How to trust your senses and face the unknown.

In our black world, blind guides will invite you on an adventure in total darkness, helping to unblock non-visual perception and overcome both stereotypes and your own limitations in a new environment.

BLACK WORLD works to raise awareness of the diversity and inclusion of people defined as "disabled". This experience helps us to overcome false sympathy, prejudices and stereotypes. In the dark, ignorance is replaced by interest, and lack of understanding turns into empathy.

"There are no greater blind men than those who do not want to see."  Stephen King

How would you get home?

How would you move on the streets?

Would your sense of touch and hearing cope with your daily activities?

Come to us and check your senses.

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