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Organized groups - feel the invisible.

"Seeing through everything means seeing nothing"  Clive Staples Lewis

Offer for kindergartens
Workshops for the youngest participants (games and activities) take place only in the visible part of BLACK WORLD. It is an introduction to discovering kid’s senses in the invisible part, and at the same time the way to understand, respect and tolerate the blind. 

Offer for grades 1-3 of primary schools These are extremely interesting workshops, introducing kids to the world of the blind and increasing empathy and sensitivity to their needs. Without using the sense of sight, children must activate completely new brain resources and instincts. Darkness speeds up, strengthens and intensifies the learning processes, preparing kids for the later discovering of the invisible part of our attraction.

Offer for children (over 9 years of age) and school youth
The benefits of workshops in the dark and acting without eyesight allow to learn about the kid’s own emotions and thinking processes. Returning to the illuminated world, participants share their experiences and observations. It is often fear of the dark. Our guides teach young people the values ​​of respect, tolerance and empathy.

Offer for organized groups, excursions.
Group tours can take place after purchasing 20 tickets. We make viewers rediscover their senses and a brand new approach to the world.

Offer for companies and institutions
The workshops in the BLACK WORLD are dedicated to the companies interested in team-building. The goal is not only to integrate the group, but equip team members with skills that will support their effectiveness - the ability to divide roles and tasks, make firm decisions, effective communication, assertiveness, problem solving. The experience of cooperation in the dark and the need to use other senses will tighten the bonds between employees.

For a detailed offer, for a specific group, please contact:
Booking for organized and foreign language speaking groups, an earlier telephone reservation is required.

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