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Workshops at BLACK WORLD

What do we propose? The topic of the workshop does not have to be obvious. As a participant, you will face unpredictable situations similar to many business landscapes. Thanks to a wide range of exercises, as a business leader, you no longer learn from theory but from practice. Specially trained blind coaches introduce sudden changes and unpredictable scenarios that you and your team will face and successfully overcome together in the dark. Are you interested in our workshops? Contact us.

Why a workshop at BLACK WORLD?

If you are an employer, manager or team leader, organize workshops at BLACK WORLD for your employees, which aim to:

Building a team


Effective communication

Change management

Empathy, trust, diversity

When the sense of sight cannot be used, completely new resources, instincts and untapped potential must be activated to achieve the goal. Darkness speeds up, strengthens and intensifies the learning processes.

The benefits of a workshop in the dark will last longer. As you return to a lit environment, you share your experiences, observations, surprises and frustrations as a participant.

Do you want your employees to integrate and develop their competences? Contact us at

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