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The person making the reservation is obliged to read the BLACK WORLD rules and go by with all its points.

Come to BLACK WORLD 15 minutes earlier

For organizational purposes, please arrive 15 minutes before the tour start time. During this time, the guide will give you the instructions and tell you about the rules of the visit. In case of being late for an already started tour, despite the paid ticket, the BLACK WORLD employee may refuse entry, due to the comfort and safety of other visitors.

Leave personal belongings in the locker

Leave your outerwear, bags and backpacks, glasses and watches, cell phones, and anything that emits light or sounds. It is completely forbidden to use electronic devices to illuminate rooms and to register passages (people not complying with the prohibition can be asked to leave the house).

Age of visiting children

Our attraction is dedicated for adults and children over the age of 9. In the case of underage visitors, parents, legal guardians and / or group guardian are responsible for such a person. BLACK WORLD is not responsible for any damages to property and personal damage caused by the Visitors.

BLACK WORLD consists of two parts: visible and invisible

You can enter the invisible part only with a guide. It is completely dark there, so if you feel uncomfortable or have a panic attack, please inform the guide and ask him to leave.

Listen to your guide's instructions

Visitor groups consist of a maximum of 8 people. For safety reasons, visitors are required to follow the rules, suggestions and instructions of BLACK WORLD guides.

Getting around 

Walk slowly, with your hands touching the space in front of you. Take your steps carefully and try to avoid stumbling.

DO NOT bring in! 

It is forbidden to bring in: alcohol or drugs, dangerous items, any weapons, and it is forbidden to take photos.

DO NOT tell anybody 

Please do not disseminate information on what you can "see-feel" in BLACK WORLD, so as not to spoil the attraction and not to deprive other visitors of the element of surprise.

Tours in English and other languages

The condition for visiting in foreign language is advance booking.

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